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Brian and his crew are outstanding. They have been painting for me for the past four years and have tackled a variety of projects. Their desire to go 'the extra mile' makes for a superior outcome. Having done my own paint projects for years - and through several homes - I am especially aware of all they put into the job. You will thank yourself for the gift of having this professional team do your painting! I certainly do.
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Janet VanTimmeren
Brian Lindhout of Enhance Painters was able to give us a Very Favorable Bid on painting the entire inside of our home including Trim Work and a Ceiling that needed to be replaced. His crew was polite and neat.
Sheet rock repairs: They made this look easy, twice as fast as I could have done the work
Trim Painting: They used a special ceramic paint, it was more expensive but as they assured us it really holds up especially to vaccume marks, after 6 months it still looks as new as day 1
Painting: What can we say except OUTSTANDING, we love the color selections and the advise we received before making our selections, They use TOP SHELF paints and are quite professional in the work they perform.
Clean Up: Very neat, everyday they would clean up before leaving and at the end of the job they would double check everything.
Afterwards: We found a couple of slight blemishes and when we contacted Enhance we where told to put small stick-ems next to them and that a painter would stop by and take care of them to our satisfaction, within 48 hours all imperfections where taken care of.
Needless to say we are very impressed with Enhance Painters and would highly recommend them and the work that they perform.
We will have them back soon to work on the inside of our garage and to clean and seal our deck.
Randy & Andrea Miller